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The internet is a pancake

If you look at the average person's browsing habits, you can easily get a model of what the internet looks like from their perspective.

And from that perspective, the internet looks like a pancake.

Yes, a pancake. Thin and flat, yet broad at the same time. An average internet user, spends very little time on a single website when surfing casually or for entertainment. Usually it's a click here, a quick read, and then a click to go off to another site. People also have their own favorite websites that they visit daily so they can read the news, a blog entry, or view some media whether it be a images or videos.

See? A pancake.

So what are we doing about that?

There are so many different topics, news articles, trends and discussions happening every second of the day, it is almost impossible for any one person to be able to manage and read them all. This pancake may not be thick, but it is certainly very wide.

I have developed this application to collect the best articles, blog posts, pictures, videos, tweets and updates for you to read to get a quick snapshot of whats happening on the internet right now. As a user, you have access to a huge list of ever expanding sources to get the best of the best, all on a single page of your screen.

So if you're looking for a quick snapshot of the best of the internet right now, the topics, stories, photos or videos that are hot right now, come check it out! You'll definitely find something interesting.

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