This is a video of a technician climbing up to the top of a transmission tower to do some maintenance work. I always assumed there were specific tools or safety precautions in place to protect them, but nope, they just climb up, dragging their toolbox on a rope behind them. No harnesses or anything. Well at least they get helmets. Safety first folks.

new twitter

The new Twitter. Click for bigger.

In a push to get people to actually use their site, Twitter has unveiled a new site redesign with a dual panel layout allowing easier and more intuitive navigation. Now you can click on an individual tweet and see more info about it, as well as any replies or retweets. It makes a lot more sense than the old version, which navigationally was like stumbling around a junkyard whilst trying to not get stabbed by sharp rusty things. Now any media in a tweet will play on the right panel without the user needing to navigate away from the site.

Video of it in action after the jump.

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One of the funnier things ive seen today hahaha.
You know, I prefer these mascots than the annoying dicks in giant fur suits

Another one after the jump.

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Lady Gaga Meat Dress

Lady Gaga’s meat dress.
It is a dress, made of meat. I suppose I will let the picture explain itself, there’s not much else really.

Trapped Miners
Other than the fact that this infographic is supposedly written in the future (September 20, 2010), it does provide an interesting insight into the plight of the trapped Chilean miners. Thirty three miners have three holes – their sole key to survival. No sun, fresh air, their whole world are these 3 holes.

TMNT are hiring

Man, I would have killed to hang out with the TMNT, back in the day. Hell even right now.

If you stop to think about it, the whole concept of the show is so insanely crazy, it’s hard to see how anyone would have imagined that a show so outrageous would have been such a hit.

Giant turtles? Check.
Giant turtles who are teenagers and are ninjas? Check.
Giant turtles who are teenagers and are ninjas and only eat pizza? Check.
Giant turtles who are teenagers and are ninjas and only eat pizza and live in the sewers with their Japanese rat mentor? Check, check and check.

And don’t even mention all the other crazy characters that exist in the Turtles universe. Bebop and Rocksteady, a giant pig and boar respectively. And you can’t forget Krang who’s basically a giant brain that uses a robot exoskeleton to get around, but instead of sitting in the head of the robot, he’s placed right in it’s stomach like some weird disturbing c-sectional birth robot thing.

Well, at least Shredder was cool.


The main site is born. It was quite uneventful. This is it’s blog. What are you doing? Go check it out!

It's our birthday and all she wants to do is nap.


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