Cleaning Clip Art Mistakes You Should Never Make Again

As a designer, we are constantly being bombarded with hundreds of beautiful clip art images. Even the best designers make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes can cost you money, your business, or even your job. Here are some of the most common cleaning clip art mistakes that you want to avoid.

You’re going to find yourself cleaning clip art that’s been left over on your computer in the near future. When that happens, it can be tempting to let it go, thinking that no one else will notice it. But if you’re anything like me, that clip art isn’t going anywhere. I make it a point to clean up the mess. Luckily, I was able to find some cleanup hacks that can help you as well. 

1. Don’t Make These Cleaning Clip Art Mistakes Again

Cleaning Clip Art is a simple activity for anyone who wants to clean up their computer. Simply download a clip art image, right-click on it, and select “Save Image As”. Once the file is saved, open it in Photoshop Elements, crop it, adjust the colors and apply a light effect.

2. Learn More About Clip Art

One of the most basic types of clip art is a picture of something that represents a particular meaning. So, for example, an arrow pointing up means that the item is moving upward; a line drawing of a leaf, a flower, and a stalk of broccoli all mean that those items are edible. These common, everyday images are the basis for almost all graphic design in business. If you’re just beginning to explore your options, these three free clip art resources can help you get started:

3. Explore the Best Resources in Clip Art

As you can imagine, there are a lot of online resources you can use to get images to use in your designs. But how do you choose the right clip art? We’ve selected some of our favorite places to get free clip art. 

4. Discover Your Own Unique Style in Clip Art

How many times have you found yourself looking at clip art images online only to think, “This isn’t me.” That’s why it’s important to find a way to let your personality shine through your marketing materials, even if that means finding clip art that reflects your own unique style. In the end, you’re trying to appeal to as many people as possible, so it’s best to use images that have a similar look and feel as your own.

5. Download Your Favorite Free Clip Art Today

The beauty of the internet is the ability to access free clip art in a snap. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just some new and funky clip art for a presentation, the internet is your friend. I know I use free clip art every day in the making of my ebooks. There’s something about that little “thumbs up” smiley face that makes me feel happy and productive. So check out your favorite free clip art websites today and see if you can’t find a few treasures.


In conclusion, Clip art is not a new thing; it’s been around since the early days of computers. Over the years, computer technology has evolved and we have gotten better at finding clip art online. In fact, clip art is a staple part of many design and marketing tools today.

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