7 Ways for Cleaning Sunbrella Fabric

Sunbrella fabric has been around since the 1960s. This durable, easy-care fabric is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Sunbrella fabrics are beautiful and durable; however, they can look old and dingy if you don’t care for them.

Cleaning Sunbrella fabric is a great alternative to cotton for outdoor fabrics. It’s extremely durable, colorfast and easy to clean, yet has enough stretch to allow you to design with it.

Cleaning Sunbrella fabric can be one of the most difficult tasks when it comes to caring for a Sunbrella sofa. This is because Sunbrella is a synthetic fiber material which can be stained by the oils and skin cells that come from humans. Sunbrella is most commonly used in outdoor furniture, but it is also popularly used in indoor upholstery.

1. How to cleaning sunbrella fabrics by hand

Some of the cleaning sunbrella fabric that is used to create outdoor furniture has very little stretch and may become bunched up, wrinkled, and even frayed if left outdoors. One of the best ways to keep sunbrella fabric looking new is to clean it by hand. This involves stripping the fabric of any dirt, stains, or dust. Then, it’s advisable to wash sunbrella fabric with a lukewarm water using a mild detergent. Next, remove the excess water using a soft cloth. After this, let the sunbrella fabric dry completely. Finally, apply a coat of clear vinyl sealer to protect the fabric from fading.

2. How to cleaning sunbrella fabrics with a dryer

Cleaning Sunbrella fabrics come with a protective coating already on the outside of the material, so washing it can actually damage it. The safest way to clean sunbrella is by machine. If you’re unsure how to properly clean the fabric, check out the Sunbrella’s own cleaning instructions and tips.

3. How to cleaning sunbrella fabrics with soap and water

Cleaning Sunbrella fabric is very durable and resistant to water and sunlight, making it ideal for outdoor uses. But it can get dirty. Soaking it in warm water, with a bit of soap, should help. And even if it doesn’t, a soft cloth with a little bit of soap is all that’s needed to clean it.

4. How to cleaning sunbrella fabrics with a washing machine

Washing fabrics can be tricky, even if you’re sure you’ve done it right. Many fabrics have to be washed separately because the materials used in them interact differently with detergent. Even after you have washed your fabric, you need to test its color fastness and shrinkage. In this guide, we’ll show you how to clean and care for your sunbrella fabric so that it lasts for years. We’ll teach you the basics of sunbrella fabric cleaning and care, including how to wash and dry it. We’ll also tell you the best ways to prevent sunbrella fabric damage.


In conclusion, you can either use a washing machine or dryer to clean the fabric, depending on your preference and what type of fabric you are cleaning. There are several different ways for cleaning Sunbrella fabric. I have provided you with three different methods in this article. Each of the methods will provide you with different results. So, which method do you prefer? What methods do you use to clean your Sunbrella fabrics? 

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