Hernandez Carpet Cleaning: The Best Carpet Cleaners in the Tampa Bay Area

Whether your carpet needs cleaning or you simply want to get a free quote for your next cleaning, contact the carpet cleaners at Hernandez Carpet Cleaning today.

Why you should hire Hernandez Carpet Cleaners to clean your carpets

Introduction: It seems like everyone is talking about carpet cleaning and how great it is to have your carpets professionally cleaned. In reality, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing a carpet cleaning service. Hernandez Carpet Cleaners has become the premiere choice of local homeowners looking to get their carpets cleaned quickly and thoroughly. From their base in Clearwater, Florida, they provide services to the entire Tampa Bay area. They offer deep steam cleaning, dry cleaning and stain removal services to homeowners. 

1. Hernandez Carpet Cleaning: How They Started

Hernandes is a small company of eight employees. It started in 2004 and has grown to over 500 clients. But they don’t just advertise themselves as the best carpet cleaning service in New York City—they put their word behind it. At Hernandes, the word “Hernandes” is all over the place, in print, on billboards, on bus benches, and even on the front of buildings. When people see this sign, they know they’re in good hands.

2. Hernandez Carpet Cleaning: What Makes Them Different

Carpet Cleaners: It’s not easy to differentiate yourself from the pack of hundreds of other carpet cleaning companies. There’s no magic bullet, but there are things you can do to help your company stand out. It’s not a secret that every carpet cleaning company wants to give customers a great experience and get repeat business. So why do some businesses have it and others don’t?

3. Hernandes Carpet Cleaning: Their Story

Hernandez carpet cleaning is based in the Philippines but provides carpet cleaning services throughout the U.S. and Canada. The company employs approximately 75 people across the United States.

4. Hernandez Carpet Cleaning: The Process

Hernandes cleans carpets from top to bottom, including dust, dirt, stains, grime, pet hair, and smoke. They are extremely thorough, cleaning every single fiber in the carpet with their specially developed cleaning system. There are no chemicals used, just a special mix of enzymes and brushes. Carpets are cleaned using a process that ensures the entire carpet is cleaned from top to bottom.

5. Hernandes Carpet Cleaning: Their Methods

They have no chemicals, no toxic cleaners, and no harsh water. Their carpet cleaning process utilizes hot water, detergents, and a mixture of water and cleaning solutions. Hernandes uses the best methods of steam cleaning that are safe for the environment, human health, and pets. They also use the best detergents that can be used for every type of rug and surface, including those that can be used on marble, hardwood floors, and even tile surfaces.


In conclusion, when it comes to cleaning carpets, don’t be afraid to use carpet cleaning machines. They’re extremely effective. However, you should always use only the highest quality equipment and techniques. Here are some tips to ensure your carpet cleaning is top notch.

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