In response to the flooding in Pakistan, the United States is giving 30 million dollars more to help people in need

In response to the flooding in Pakistan

Since the middle of June, Pakistan has been afflicted by severe flooding as a result of heavy monsoon rains, which have been followed by landslides and glacial lake outbursts. The Agency for International Development (USAID) of the United States of America is sending an extra $30 million in humanitarian aid to help the people who have been affected by this disaster.More than 1,100 individuals have lost their lives and more than 1,600 others have been injured as a direct result of the flooding that has affected an estimated 33 million people. In addition, more than one million homes have been damaged or destroyed, and about 735,000 livestock, which are a vital source of livelihood and food, have been lost. Because of the flooding, highways and more than two million acres of farmland have also been damaged.

USAID partners will prioritise providing help

With this money, USAID partners will prioritise providing help for urgently needed areas such as food and nutrition, multi-purpose cash, potable water, enhanced sanitation and hygiene, and shelter assistance. On Monday, a disaster management expert from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) arrived in Islamabad to begin assessing the damage caused by the floods and coordinate relief operations with other partners. USAID humanitarian workers in Islamabad, Pakistan, Bangkok, Thailand, and Washington, DC, continue to keep an eye on the situation in close coordination with local partners, the government of Pakistan, and the United States Embassy Islamabad.

The tragic loss of life

The tragic loss of life and the disruption of livelihoods across Pakistan are causing the United States of America to feel profound grief. During this challenging moment, we stand in solidarity with Pakistan. The United States government is Pakistan’s single greatest source of funding for humanitarian causes.

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