What Size Fan For Grow Tent?

In this article, we’ll look at what size fan for grow tent to ensure adequate air circulation. Also, you can find out more about the inline grow tent fan here.

Grow tents and rooms require two fans to circulate the air and also separate fans to ensure proper exhaust. It’s not enough to circulate air in.

Without lumbuy exhaust fans, your circulation fans will blow around in humid, dry, stale air that is devoid of the necessary carbon dioxide. The crop won’t achieve its full potential in this kind of climate. Therefore, plan for adequate ventilation and airflow when planning the layout of your grow tent’s fan.

The first item of information that you will require is the volume of the grow tent or room, if not using the tent. To find that out, multiply the length by the width and then the height.

What Size Fan Do I Need For My Grow Tent?

Components such as filters and ducting can all decrease the power that your fans can have. It is important to consider this in your calculations and select a model that is stronger to compensate for the difference.

Other components like lights can make it more difficult to cool your home. You’ll need to add capacity to accommodate the lights. If your tent is located in a hot area it is recommended to add some capacity.

Where Should Filters and Fans Go?

There’s plenty of flexibility there. The first choices decide on is whether you want to place the filter and fan inside or outside of the tent. There is also the option of having two both inside as well as one on the outside.

In the interior is generally easier but it may not be the best alternative in the absence of space. Take a look at “Carbon Filter outside Grow Tent” If you’re thinking of placing yours outside.

The Growing Tent’s Volume Equals Its Length

Let’s say you own five feet by five feet grow tent that has a height of 78 inches. That’s 6.5 feet. Its total size would then be 162.5 feet. Total volume = 5 x 5 x 6.5 = 162.5 ft3

To replace all the air inside that tent in just a few minutes then you’ll need an air-conditioner with a rating of 162.5 CFM. The capacity of the fan is measured in cfm. This stands as cubic feet per second. This is logical, right?

lumbuy generally recommend that you replace the air inside the tent at least once every minute. If you’re not experiencing significant problems with heat, you may be able to replace it every two or three minutes.

How Many Fans Is Needed for Your Grow Tent?

Two fans are perfect for tents with a medium size like 4×4. It is possible to run one clip fan on top of the canopy, and a moderate floor fan beneath. This will provide a slight breeze for all four plants inside the grow tent that is 4×4.


There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to planning the proper ventilation in grow tents and rooms. Fans for grow tents should be set up in a manner that the tent does not develop zones of stagnant air or excessive humidity. Following these tips will ensure optimal conditions for growth for your plants and you’ll reap abundant harvests of dank high-quality buds that have the highest effectiveness.

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