What is a loan shark and its types

what is a loan shark

Are you tired of being turned down by banks and traditional lenders for a loan? Are you in desperate need of money to pay off bills, start a business or cover unexpected expenses? Beware: Loan sharks may seem like the answer to your prayers. But they are actually predators who prey on vulnerable individuals. In this blog post. We will explore what loan sharks are and the different types that exist so you can protect yourself from their grasp. Read on to learn more about this dangerous world and how to avoid falling victim to these unscrupulous actors.

what is a loan shark

What is a loan shark? Loan sharks are individuals or organizations who offer short-term loans at high interest rates to people in need. They are often found near economically disadvantaged areas. And many use intimidation and threats to collect on their loans. 
1) street lenders: These are the most common type of loan shark, as they operate openly near where people live and work. They typically charge very high interest rates. And may also charge extortionate fees for services such as checking accounts or taking out loans elsewhere.
2) gambling loan sharks: These individuals prey on financially insecure individuals who are drawn to the excitement of gambling. They offer unsecured loans that often have extremely high interest rates and may also include hidden charges. Such as conversion fees that increase the amount owed by a significant degree.
3) debt collectors: This is the smallest type of loan shark. And they target people who have recently fallen behind on their bills or debts. Debt collectors may threaten legal action or violence if payment is not made soon.

What is a loan shark?

A loan shark is a person who lends money at high interest rates to people who cannot afford to pay back the amount they borrow. The term “loan shark” comes from the old practice of sharks swimming around boats in search of fresh prey. 
There are three main types of loan sharks: 
1. payday loan shark: These sharks lend money based on whether or not somebody can repay their loan by their next payday. 
2. short-term loan shark: These sharks typically offer longer-term loans that must be repaid within a certain timeframe (usually within a week). 
3. long-term loan shark: These sharks offer loans that can last for months or even years, with lower interest rates than short-term lenders.

Types of loan sharks

Loan sharks are people who offer short-term loans to people who cannot qualify for traditional loans. They often charge high interest rates and can be extremely difficult to get a loan from. There are three main types of loan sharks: debt collectors, middlemen, and racketeers.
Debt collectors are the most common type of loan shark. They collect debts that have already been owed by someone else and sell the debt to a loan shark. This is how they make their money. Middlemen are the second type of loan shark. They help people get loans from lenders who would not normally give them a loan. They charge high commissions for this service and can also be very hard to get a hold of. 

How does a loan shark work?

A loan shark works as a middleman between borrowers and lenders, taking advantage of the high interest rates charged by banks. He typically charges a percentage of the amount borrowed, with the interest compounded daily. This can lead to extremely high annual payments.
1) street loan sharks – these sharks work on the streets, targeting passers-by and offering them short-term loans at high interest rates.
2) razor gangs – these are groups of criminals who operate specifically in relation to lending money at high rates of interest. They may have members working as street loan sharks, or they may be involved in other criminal activities such as drug trafficking.
3) offshore loan sharks – these sharks operate out of countries such as the Philippines, where there is little or no regulation of the lending industry.


Loan sharks are a type of businessperson that charges high interest rates on loans. They typically work with people who cannot qualify for other forms of financing, such as traditional banks. Loan sharks may also offer customers more lenient terms than other lenders, including short notice requirements and fees for late payments.

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